Tutorial :: draw a base

For this tutorial you need to have basic experience with graphic programs.
This is not a Photoshop, Fireworks or Paint Shop Pro tutorial.

This tutorial could help you in drawing your own bases from scratch. If you have a feeling for anatomy and proportions, you can start out without any picture reference, but if you have trouble defining proportions, you can always look at a picture for reference. Even the best artists use models and picture references.

If you want to learn more on figure drawing, check out the books by Andrew Loomis. They are classics.

This tutorial is not a 'recipe'. The idea of this tutorial is not to copy this exact base, but to try to develop your own style. I am only showing you how I created this base of mine. Good luck!

Before you continue... here is the skin tone palette I have used for this tutorial. Feel free to use it yourself if you have a hard time choosing skin appropriate colours. I've numbered the colours from 1 to 6 so I can refer to the colours in my explanation.

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